Canopy - THT Sensor

Accurate in-field data to improve decision making


Much like a weather station the Canopy sensor provides temperature and humidity inside the gill screen housing. It also measures an additional outside temperature. This enables the user to calculate vapor pressure deficit.

The Gentick Canopy sensor was designed to be installed inside a tree or crop with Gentick Inline-EC sensor (if fertilizer is applied in the irrigation water), water flow meter and a soil moisture probe.

This combination of sensors enables the Pulse™ Platform to build a more accurate picture of how plants are performing.

Alarms can be set up on the Pulse™ Platform to send warning messages to agents / farmers / managers of potential problem situations. This would include Frost warning in winter, as well as high temperature warnings indicating that spray conditions are not favorable anymore.

Cold and Heat units can also be logged

4G LTE modem (future proof)


Dual temperature readings

Early warning system

canopy sensor readings
canopy sensor readings
Cold and heat unit logging with Gentick Canopy Sensor
Cold and heat unit logging with Gentick Canopy Sensor