Inline-EC Sensor

Ensure SMART fertiliser applications


The Measurement of electrical conductivity in agricultural systems assists farmers and agronomists in managing expensive fertiliser.  When fertiliser is applied the concentration of the fertiliser dissolved in water is particularly important.  When the solution’s EC value is too high it could cause damage to the hair-root systems of crops, and thus influencing the production of the crop.  One faulty irrigation could take the plant weeks to recover from. 

The Gentick Inline-EC sensor was designed to be installed next to a soil moisture probe to continuously plot the concentration of salts / fertiliser in the irrigation water.  Alarms can be set up on the Pulse platform to alert agents / farmers of excessive EC values, and the responsible persons can act and rectify before a lot of damage is done.

The Inline-EC sensor is also used in pump houses, dams and canal networks in order to continuously monitor the available water on farms in order to alert the farmer of potential problems in the water supply.

4G LTE modem (future proof)


Monitor fertigation systems

Protect your crops root systems