Generator monitor

4G LTE modem (future proof)

National roaming simcard included

Push notifications in stead of SMS

Cloud platform with reporting

This is not a generator, it is a monitoring system


Monitor your existing diesel generator
Fuel level
Battery voltage
Common Alarm
Run hours
E-stop status
Optional Voltmon (3 phase Voltage monitoring of the council power)
In the cloud
On your phone / computer


The Montick generator monitoring system was designed for monitoring existing diesel generators remotely. It utilises the cellular network to communicate the status of the generator to the facility manager, owner or user of the generator. It helps you prevent failures because of low fuel levels or faulty batteries or battery chargers. The status of your generator is just a click away. The unit connects to some signals on the existing generator controller. The signals are sent to the cloud platform immediately when a change in status occurs. For instance; if the generator starts, Montick will immediately send the message to the cloud. While the Generator is running Montick will send a status message every 7 minutes, this will update the fuel level and battery voltages so that the important information is available in real-time. If the generator is in rest, Montick will also send a message every 7 minutes, so that failures in battery charger, or perhaps a lowering of the fuel level can be seen.


Uses the cellular network to communicate
4G LTE modem (future proof)
National roaming sim card included
Push notifications instead of SMS
Uses Telegram messenger as a reliable message provider
Cloud platform with reporting

The data is provided in the cloud on a platform that shows the current status of your list of generators. You can sort on fields with a click of a button. You can also see detailed graphs of the fuel level and battery levels of generators. Runtime Reports will let you see how many hours each generator ran each month. This could help to check if the fuel use and run-hours corresponds. It will also indicate possible power supply problems that could be addressed.


Centralise monitoring of generator or a whole fleet of generators
Monitor all types of generator / controllers Cummins / Deepsea / Lovato / SDMO / CAT / Smartgen / ComAp
Easy installation (6-8 wires to be connected)
Most Generator technicians with some generator controller installation experience will be able to install and support the product
Cost effective solution
Made in Africa for the African environment
Sends the status of the generator to the system every 7 minutes, so that you always know what the status is

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