Smart Self-Tipping Rain Gauge

Transform Your Rainfall Tracking Experience

Whether you’re a gardening enthusiast, a farmer looking for accurate rainfall data, or simply someone who loves to keep an eye on the weather, our Smart Self-Tipping Rain Gauge is the perfect tool for you. Stay ahead of the weather and make informed decisions with just a tap on your phone.


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Our innovative Smart Self-Tipping Rain Gauge is your all-weather companion, ensuring you’re always informed about the rainfall in your area. With cutting-edge technology that sends data directly to your smartphone, experience convenience and accuracy at your fingertips.

  • Real-Time Rainfall Updates:
    Receive instant notifications on your phone whenever it rains. Never miss an update with our precise tipping mechanism that measures rainfall as it happens.
  • Comprehensive Data Analysis:
    Dive deep into your rainfall data with detailed daily, monthly and yearly views. Understand your local climate patterns better and plan your gardening, farming, or outdoor activities with confidence.
  • Easy-to-Use App:
    Our user-friendly application not only displays the rainfall data but also provides insights and historical trends. Available for both iOS and Android devices.
  • Effortless Setup:
    Installing the Smart Self-Tipping Rain Gauge is a breeze. Simply place it in your desired location, connect to the app, and start tracking. No complicated calibration required.
  • Eco-Friendly Design:
    Crafted with sustainability in mind, our rain gauge is designed to last. It operates effi ciently, requiring minimal maintenance, making it a favorite among environmentally conscious users.