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Telemetry Unit

Telemetry systems for SMART agriculture

Enhance your farm’s efficiency with the Gentick 4Gee Telemetry Unit—smart technology for smarter agriculture.

Maximize agricultural efficiency with the Gentick 4Gee Telemetry Unit. This advanced system supports seamless, year-round monitoring and automation for smart irrigation, ensuring cost-effective crop management. Compatible with a wide array of sensors, the 4Gee unit is ideal for enhancing existing setups or implementing new solutions.

Year-Round Monitoring

Energy Efficient

Broad Compatibility

Robust and Reliable

Easy Integration

Canopy Sensor

Improve irrigation scheduling, save water, maintain yields

Customizable alarms

Temperature and humidity measurement


Integrated with Telemetry Unit

EC Sensor

Continous Monitoring

Electrical Conductivity Measurement

Continuous Monitoring

Versatile installation

Integrated with telemetry unit

Water Level Sensing

Water Availability Monitoring

Itegration with Farm Managment System via Telemtry Unit

Robust and Reliable sensors

Soil Probe

Precision Moisture Measurement

Integration Capability

Durability and Longevity

Easy installation and Maintenance

Know your generator status remotely in realtime

Remote Monitoring

Real-Time Status Updates

Fuel and Battery Voltage Monitoring

User Friendly